Peter Melchart
  • Full stack software engineer / architect,
  • Team Leader
I'm a software engineer with 30+ years experience in PC/console game development, app development, backend API and web development. For the past 15+ years I've been leading development teams and departments consisting of various product development teams.
Skills summary
  • System architect / engineer
  • Team leader
  • Software development in Unity/C#, Java, Python, JavaScript, Objective-C, Swift, C++, Lua, PHP
  • Specialities: UI development, 3D (OpenGL, Software Rendering), Game play programming, AI, animations, Databases (SQL), Web (Python, NodeJS), framework design/development
  • Platform experience: Android, iOS, Web, Windows, J2ME, Xbox, PS2
  • Obsolete technologies: Assembler (80x86, 68000), Pascal, MODULA 2, 3dfx-GLIDE, COBOL
  • Agile development: SCRUM (Certified Scrum Master), test driven/feature driven development
  • Fluent in German and English.
Work experience
Greentube IES
Leading a team of devs, artists and QA, working on mobile social casino apps.


  • Creating and maintaining a custom, multi purpose build infrastructure
  • Bloom Boom Casino - a social casino app with a gardening theme developed in Unity
  • GameTwist Slots, GameTwist Casino, My-Novo App ( native Android / iOS)
  • A suite of PhoneGap Web Apps.
  • 4Wheels Extreme: Brew/C++ version incl. efficient 3d software render
  • BEEzzz: lead programmer leading a 5 programmers team incl. porting the game onto 70+ devices.
  • Crash Car Mania: lead programmer leading a 5+ programmers team incl. porting the game onto 100+ devices (2d and 3d version)
  • iShoot: lead programmer for the conversion from the iPhone version to J2ME, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry ( some 600 devices )
  • Galaga: Boss programming
  • Red Bull Championship BC One: Guitar Hero™ like music game for iPhone and Android
  • Tools programming (ie creating an XSI 3D tool chain )
neo Software/Rockstar Vienna
  • Rent-A-Hero (PC) : Game play/Engine programming
  • Völker 1/The Tribes (PC): Sound FX
  • Cancelled PC title based on the Rent-A-Hero engine: engine/gameplay programming.
  • Clou 2/The Sting (PC): game play/engine programming
  • TaskView Pro – the internal web based task/project management tool: lead programming
  • A fps based on a forever popular brand (cancelled) : game play/tools programming
  • Max Payne 2 - PS2/ Xbox: 3d-engine and game play programming.
  • Manhunt 2 – PS2/Xbox: programming with focus on graphics and AI (Xbox version was later cancelled)
Reality 2
  • VR-Station CyberBike; one of the first installations at the AEC ( Ars Electronica Center ) in Linz.
  • Tiepolo, a cross platform ( PC-NT/95, SGI-Unix, PC-Linux), cross API ( OpenGL, 3dfx-GLIDE ) 3d library with extended features like network layers, IO library for ie joystick and tracker support
  • Arcade game Flying Aces II for Cybermind AG
  • Flight simulator for AMST (“Austria Metall und Simulations- Technik”)
neo Software
Other stuff
Some private projects: